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Aramburu, Bafile, Baum, Benelli, Beras


born February 11, 1912, Reduccion, Argentina;
ordained priest in Rome, October 28, 1934;
ordained titular bishop of Plataea and auxiliary of Tucuman, Argentina, December 15, 1946;
bishop, 1953, and first archbishop, 1957, of Tucuman;
titular archbishop of Torri di Bizacena and coadjutor archbishop of Buenos Aires, April 22, 1975;
cardinal May 24, 1976;
titular church, St. John Baptist of the Florentines.
Archbishop of Buenos Aires, ordinary for Eastern Rite Catholics in Argentina without ordinaries of their own rites.

Curial membership:

  • Oriental Churches, Divine Worship, Catholic Education (congregations);
  • Economic Affairs (office).


    born July 4, 1903, L’Aquila, Italy;
    practiced law in Rome for six years before beginning studies for priesthood;
    ordained priest April 11, 1936;
    served in Vatican secretariat of state, 1939-59;
    ordained titular archbishop of Antiochia in Pisidia, March 19, 1960;
    apostolic nuncio to Germany, 1960-75;
    pro-prefect of Congregation for Causes of Saints, July 18, 1975;
    cardinal May 24, 1976;
    deacon, S. Maria (in Portico);
    transferred to order of cardinal priests, June 22, 1987;
    prefect of Congregation for Causes of Saints, 1976-80.


    born November 21, 1926, Dallas, Texas;
    moved to Kansas City, Missouri, at an early age;
    ordained priest (Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese) May 12, 1951;
    executive director of U.S. bishops commission for ecumenical and interreligious affairs, 1964-69;
    attended Second Vatican Council as peritus (expert adviser);
    ordained bishop of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, Missouri, April 6, 1970;
    archbishop of Washington, D.C., 1973-80;
    cardinal May 24, 1976;
    titular church, Holy Cross (on the Via Flaminia).
    Prefect of Congregation for Catholic Education, 1980 (reappointed 1985);
    grand chancellor of Pontifical Gregorian University.

    Curial membership:
    Council for Public Affairs of the Church;
    Doctrine of the Faith, Bishops, Oriental Churches, Religious and Secular Institutes, Evangelization of Peoples (congregations);
    Council for Laity, Authentic Interpretation of Code of Canon Law (commissions);
    Patrimony of Holy see (office).


    born May 12, 1921, Poggiole di Vernio, diocese of Pistoia, Italy;
    attended Seminary of Pistoia, Pistoia—Pontifical Gregorian University,
    Rome—Pontifical ecclesiastical Academy, Rome;
    ordained priesthood October 31, 1943 in Rome;
    pastoral work in diocese of Rome, 1943-50;
    further studies, Rome, 1943-47;
    attached to Vatican secretariat of State;
    private secretary of Giovanni Battista Montini;
    substitute of secretariat of State, August 1, 1947;
    privy chamberlain supernumerary, July 16, 1950;
    secretary of nunciature in Ireland, 1950-53;
    secretary of nunciature in France, 1953-60;
    auditor of nunciature of Brazil, 1960-62;
    Domestic prelate, August 1, 1961;
    counselor of nunciature in Spain, 1962-65;
    permanent observer of Holy See before UNESCO, Paris, May 11, 1965-June 11, 1966;
    elected titular archbishop of Tusuro, pro-nuncio in Senegal and apostolic delegate in Western Africa, June 11, 1966;
    consecrated, September 11, 1966, Rome, by Cardinal Amleto Giovanni Cicognani;
    bishop of title of Suburbicarian See of Frascati, secretary of State;
    substitute of secretariat of State and secretary of Cipher, June 29, 1967;
    transferred to Metropolitan See of Florence, June 3, 1977;
    cardinal June 27, 1977;
    received the red biretta and the title of S. Prisca, June 27, 1977;
    attended IV Ordinary Assembly of World Synod of Bishop, Vatican City, September 30-October 29, 1977;
    participated in the conclave of August 25-26, 1978;
    participated in the conclave of October 14-16, 1978;
    attended I Plenary Assembly of Sacred College of Cardinals, Vatican City, November 5-9, 1979;
    V Ordinary Assembly of World Synod of Bishops, Vatican City, September 26-October 25, 1980.


    born November 16, 1906,
    Seibo, Dominican Republic;
    ordained priest August 13, 1933;
    founded national Catholic youth movement;
    ordained titular archbishop of Euchaitae and coadjutor archbishop of Santo Domingo, 1961-81;
    cardinal May 24, 1976;
    titular church, San Sisto. Archbishop emeritus of Santo Domingo.


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