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Ciappi, Delargey, Ekandem, Filipiak, Gantin


born October 6, 1909, Florence, Italy;
ordained priest March 26, 1932;
papal theologian from 1955, serving Pius XII, John XXIII and Paul VI;
ordained titular bishop of Misenum June 18, 1977;
cardinal June 27, 1977;
deacon, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart;
transferred to order of cardinal priests, June 22, 1987.
Pro-theologian of pontifical household.

Curial memebership:
Causes of Saints (congregation);
Apostolic Signatura (tribunal).


born December 10, 1914, Timaru, diocese of Christchurch, New Zealand;
attended Seminary of Mosgiel and Pontifical Urbanian Athenaeum, Rome;
ordained priest March 19, 1938 in Rome;
pastorial work in diocese of Auckland, 1939-57;
titular bishop of Irima and appointed auxiliary of Auckland, November 25, 1957;
consecrated, February 27, 1958, Auckland, by James Michael Liston, archbishop-bishop of Auckland;
National Director of Missions, 1958;
attended II Vatican Council, 1962-65;
bishop of Auckland, September 1, 1970;
promoted to metropolitan see of Wellington, April 25, 1974;
ordained cardinal priest May 24, 1976;
received the red biretta and the title of Inmmacolata al Tiburtino, May 24, 1976;
president of Episcopal Conference of New Zealand, 1976-79;
participated in conclave of August 25-25, 1978;
participated in conclave of October 14-16, 1978.


born 1917, Obio Ibiono, Nigeria;
ordained priest December 7, 1947;
ordained titular bishop of Gerapoli di Isauri and auxiliary bishop of Calabar, February 7, 1954,
the first Nigerian to become bishop of Ikot Ekpene, March 1, 1963;
cardinal May 24, 1976;
titular church, San Marcello.
Bishop of Ikot Ekpene, superior of mission “sui juris” of Abuja.

Curial membership:
Evangelization of Peoples (congregation).


born September 1, 1901, Osniszczewko, archdiocese of Gniezno, Poland;
son of Hilarego Filipiak and Weronika Biegalow;
attended the University of Poznan, Poznan;
Seminary of Poznan, Poznan;
Pontifical Roman Athenaeum S. Apollinare, Institute Utriusque luris, Rome, 1930-35
(doctorate in both canon and civil law, April 13, 1935);
ordained priest, May 29, 1926, Gniezno, by antoni Laubtiza;
auxiliary bishop of Gniezno;
pastoral work, archdiocese of Gniezno, 1926-30;
further studies, Rome, 1930-35;
secretary to Cardinal August Hlond, S.D.B.;
archbishop of Gniezno, 1935-44;
in Nazi prisons, 1944-45;
member of the archdiocesan tribunal of Gniezno, 1945;
president of the tribunal of third instance for matrimonial causes reserved to the Holy See, 1945-47;
Auditor of the Sacred Roman Rota, Rome, September 24, 1947;
dean, June 26, 1967;
confirmed as dean ad nutum Sanctae Sedis, February 1, 1975;
honorary canon of the cathedral chapter of Gniezno, October 15, 1947;
honorary canon of the cathedral chapter of Poznan, September 8, 1958;
president of the Appellate Tribunal of the State of Vatican City;
titular bishop of Plestia, May 1, 1976;
consecrated, May 13, 1976, church of S. Anselmo all’Aventino, Rome, by Cardinal Pericle Felici;
president of Pontifical Commission for the Revision of the Code of Canon Law and of the Pontifical Commission for the Interpretation of the Decrees of the Second Vatican Council, assisted by Antoni Baraniak, archbishop of Poznan, and by Andrzej Maria Deskur;
titular bishop of Tene;
president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.


born May 8, 1922, Toffo, Dahomey (now Benin)
ordained Priest January 14, 1951;
ordained titular bishop of Tipasa di Mauritania and auxiliary bishop of Cotonou, February 3, 1957;
archbishop of Cotonou, 1960-71;
associate secretary (1973-75) of Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples;
vice-president (1975) and president (1976-84) of Pontifical Commission for Justice and Peace;
cardinal June 27, 1977;
deacon; transferred to order of priests June 25, 1984;
titular church, Sacred Heart of Christ the King;
entered order of cardinal bishops as titular bishop of Palestrina, September 29, 1986.
Prefect of Congregation for Bishops, 1984;
president of commissions for Latin America and Migration and Tourism.

Curial membership:
Council for Public Affairs of the Church;
Doctrine of the Faith, Sacraments, Divine Worship, Causes of Saints, Evangelization of Peoples, Oriental Churches, Religious and Secular Institutes, Catholic Education (congregations);
Apostolic Signatura (tribunal);
Non-Believers, Non-Christians (secretariats);
Social Communications, Institute for Works of Religion, International Eucharistic Congresses, Sanctuaries of Pompei, Loreto and Bari (commissions).


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