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born December 3, 1920, Nueve de Julio, Argentina;
ordained priest December 5, 1943;
taught theology at Pius XII Seminary of Mercedes diocese, 1944-59;
vicar general of diocese 1958-60;
attended Second Vatican Council as peritus;
ordained titular bishop of Ceciri, May 31, 1964;
apostolic administrator of diocese of Avellaneda, 1967-72;
secretary general, 1967-72,
and president, 1972-75, of CELAM;
bishop of Mar del Plata, 1972-75;
titular archbishop of Thiges
and pro-prefect of Congregation
for Religious and Secular Institutes, September 20, 1975;
cardinal May 24, 1976;
deacon, Sts. Cosmas and Damian;
transferred to order of cardinal priests, June 22, 1987.
Prefect of the Congregation for Religious and Secular Institiutes, 1976-84.
President of Pontifical Council for the Laity, 1984,
and commission for Apostolate for Health Care Workers, 1985.

Curial membership:
Council for Public Affairs of the Church;
Bishops, Divine Worship, Catholic Education, Oriental Churches (congregations);
Latin America, Authentic Interpretation of Code of Canon Law (commissions).


born April 16, 1927, Marktl am Inn, Germany;
ordained priest June 29,1951;
professor of dogmatic theology at University of Regensburg, 1969-77;
member of International Theological Commission, 1969-80;
ordained archbishop of Munich-Freising, May 28, 1977
(resigned February 15, 1982);
cardinal June 27, 1977;
titular church, St. Mary of Consolation (in Tiburtina).
Prefect of Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith, 1981;
president of Biblical and Theological Commissions,

Curial membership:
Council for public Affairs of the Church;
Bishops, Divine Worship, Oriental Churches, Clergy, Evangelization of Peoples, Catholic Education (congregations);
Apostolic Signatura (tribunal);
Christian Unity (secretariat);
Revision of Oriental Code of Canon Law (commission).


born September 8, 1921, Ambanitsilena-Ranomasina, Madagascar;
entered Society of Jesus, 1945;
ordained priest July 28, 1956;
rector of Fianarantsoa Minor Seminary, 1960-63;
superior of Jesuit residence at Ambositra, 1963-69;
rector of Tananarive Major Seminary, 1969-71;
ordained bishop of Farafangana, april 18, 1971;
archbishop of Tananarive, April 10, 1976;
cardinal May 24, 1976;
titular church, Holy Cross in Jerusalem.
Archbishop of Tananarive.

Curial membership:
Evangelization of Peoples (congregation).


born May 14, 1910, New York, N.Y.;
holds Italian citizenship;
ordained priest for diocese of Piacenza, Italy, March 11, 1933;
served in nunciatures in Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany, 1938-53;
ordained titular archbishop of Ancyra, December 27, 1953;
nuncio in Ecuador, 1953-59,
Chile, 1959-61,
Austria, 1961-76;
cardinal May 24, 1976;
deacon, S. Maria Liberatrice (on the Monte Testaccio);
transferred to order of cardinal priests,
June 22, 1987.

President of:
Commission for the Sanctuaries of Pompeii, Loreta and Bari, 1984;
Permanent Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses, 1983.

Curial membership:
Council for Public Affairs of the Church;
Bishops, Oriental Churches, Sacraments, Religious and secular Institutes, Clergy, Causes of Saints, Evangelization of Peoples (congregations);
apostolic signature (tribunal);
Authentic Interpretation of Code of Canon Law (commission).


born February 20, 1903, Ingolstadt, Germany;
attended Seminary of Eichstatt, Eichstatt;
attended Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome;
ordained priest October 28, 1928, Rome;
further studies, 1928-31, Rome;
pastoral work among German exiles, 1931-33;
faculty member, Superior School of Philosophy and Theology, Eichstatt, 1933-41;
Vicar general of Eichstatt, 1941-48;
bishop of Eichstatt July 23, 1948;
consecrated, September 21, 1948,
Eichstatt, by Joseph Kolb, titular bishop of Velicia
, auxiliary of Bamberg;
attended the II Vatican Council, 1962-65;
Secretary of the S.C. of Seminaries and Universities, May 17, 1967;
promotes to the titular see of Voturno, January 2, 1968;
cardinal May 24, 1976;
received the red biretta and the deaconry of S. Saba, May 24, 1976;
participated in the conclave of August 25-26, 1978
and October 14-16, 1978;
attended the I plenary Assembly of the Sacred College of Cardinals, November 5-9, 1979, Vatican City;
Special papal envoy to the celebration of the jubilee of the cathedral of Cologne, Germany, August 15, 1980;
Lost right to participate in the conclave when turned 80 years of age, February 20, 1983.


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