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born May 27, 1907, Cosenza, Italy;
ordained priest December 21, 1929;
entered Vatican diplomatic service;
served in nunciatures in Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium and Czechoslovakia, 1934-49;
ordained titular archbishop of Sardes, July 24, 1955;
apostolic nuncio to Costa Rica, 1955;
apostolic delegate to Jerusalem, 1956-62;
nuncio to Ireland, 1962-67;
and Protugal, 1967-76;
cardinal May 24, 1976;
deacon, SS. Biagio e Carlo (ai Catinari);
transferred to order of cardinal priests, June 22, 1987.

Curial membership:
State of Vatican City (commission).


born August 31, 1928, New Washington, Philippines;
ordained priest April 3, 1954;
diocesan missionary in Capiz, 1954-57;
appointed first rector of the St. Pius X Seminary, Roxas City, 1957;
ordained titular bishop of Obba
and auxiliary bishop of Jaro, March 18, 1967;
apostolic administrator of archdiocese of Jaro, June 20, 1970;
titular archbishop of Massa lubrense and coadjutor archbishop of jaro, January 15, 1972;
archbishop of Jaro, October 8, 1972;
archbishop of Manila, January 21, 1974;
cardinal May 24, 1976;
titular church, S. Maria (ai Monti).
Archbishop of Manila.

Curial membership:
Council for Public Affairs of the Church;
bishops, Sacraments, Divine Worship,
Clergy, Evangelization of Peoples, Catholic Education (congregations);
Non-Christians (secretariat);
Social Communications (commission);
Economic Affairs (office).


born February 2, 1921, Poponguine, Senegal;
ordained priest April 18, 1949;
studied at Gregorian University, Rome, 1951-53;
returned to Senegal, 1953;
ordained archbishop of Dakar, May 20, 1962;
cardinal May 24, 1976;
titular church, S. Maria (del Popolo).
Archbishop of Dakar.

Curial membership:
Clergy, Religious and Secular Institutes (congregations);
Social Communications (commission).


born June 30, 1899, Studenka, Moravia, Czechoslovakia;
ordained priest July 5, 1922;
professor of pedagogy and catechetics at the theology faculty of Olomouc, 1934-39;
resumed activity after liberation in 1945;
author, Catechism of the Catholic Religion;
ordained bishop of Butus and auxiliary of Olomouc, October 13, 1949;
only Czech bishop to attend Second Vatican Council;
apostolic administrator of Prague, February 18, 1965;
cardinal May 24, 1976 (in pectore);
solemnly proclaimed at June 27, 1977, consistory;
titular church, Sts. Vitalis, Valeria, Gervase and Protase.
Archbishop of Prague, 1978.

Curial membership:
Clergy (congregation).

TRINH-NHU-KHUÊ, Joseph-Marie (1898-1978)

Birth. December 11, 1898, Trang-Duê, apostolic vicariate of Hanoi, Vietnam.
Education. (No information found).
Priesthood. Ordained, April 1, 1933.


Elected titular bishop of Sinao and appointed apostolic vicar of Hanoi, April 18, 1950.
Consecrated, August 15, 1950,
by Thaddeus Le Huu Tu, O. Cist., apostolic vicar of Phat Diem.
Promoted to metropolitan see of Hanoi, November 24, 1960.
Attended III Ordinary Assembly of World Synod of Bishops, Vatican City, September 27-October 26, 1974.
Reserved in pectore when consistory was announced, April 28, 1976.


Created cardinal priest in the consistory of May 24, 1976;
received the red biretta and the title of S. Francesco di Paola ai Monti,
deaconry elevated pro illa vice to title, May 24, 1976.
Attended IV Ordinary Assembly of World Synod of Bishops, Vatican City, September 30-October 29, 1977.
Participated in the conclave of August 25-26, 1978.
Participated in the conclave of October 14-16, 1978.


November 27, 1978, Hanoi.
Buried, metropolitan cathedral, Hanoi.


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